Relax the Kolmeo way

Tick-tock, tick-tock. The end of the financial year (EOFY) can often feel like a race against time, as we manage and finalise business requirements as well as our own personal financial arrangements. And this is especially so for property managers.

You've conquered EOFY. And now it's time to celebrate and revitalise yourself for a great year of property management ahead.

Here are strategies used by our hardworking team to unwind and recharge after a demanding and hectic EOFY.


Meet Narina, our “no selfie zone” relaxation experimenter

Meet Narina, our Head of Brand based in Melbourne. Working on Kolmeo’s brand strategy, including content marketing, social media marketing, design and supporting our team to develop messaging and assets that align with our Kolmeo brand, keeps Narina very busy.

While her relaxation tips can’t be illustrated with a selfie they are definitely worth a try.

When Narina emerges from the whirlwind of a busy time, she turns to the soothing embrace of float therapy. Yep, that’s right. Float therapy. Narina heads to City Cave in Ivanhoe where the pool is full of salts to keep you buoyant, the water is set to body temperature, and you can fully relax all your muscles while floating. You float for an hour which can be the equivalent of 4 hours sleep and is like experiencing zero gravity. If you need some extra rest this is the place for you – it is incredibly relaxing.

If floating isn’t your thing, perhaps being blasted by -110°C cold air might do the trick. Narina loves visiting Alchemy Cryo in South Yarra. Step into their cryo chamber and experience the icy blast (colder than the coldest place on earth.) – in your underwear or swimwear with mask, mittens, earmuffs, socks, and shoes to keep your extremities warm-ish (now you understand the lack of photos). You can pick a track to bop along to for your 3 minutes in the chamber. When Narina emerges she feels totally energised, strong and pretty much invincible.


Introducing Anna, the adventure seeker

Anna is our customer experience consultant based in Western Australia. During the working week Anna is dedicated to making sure property managers have a great experience on Kolmeo so they in turn can offer exceptional service to their tenants and owners. She helps customers with any day-to-day enquiries, shares articles in the Kolmeo Help Centre and helps resolve any problems they encounter so they can best manage the myriad of tasks in rental management. It’s a busy role that Anna loves.

Splitting her time between Albany and Perth, Anna knows that physical activity is a powerful outlet for relaxation when she’s not working.

That’s why she loves morning swims around the shark net at Cottesloe Beach in Perth. Anna enjoys the peace the ocean gives her, and the sensation of stress melting away into the water. As well as swimming in the ocean to kick start her day Anna enjoys sunset gazing at Cottesloe Beach to recharge at the end of the day.

Rock-climbing also allows Anna to unwind and release any worries or tensions. She enjoys regular indoor climbing sessions at Portside Boulders and Urban Jungle in Perth, as well as outdoor bouldering around the Albany coastline. For those not up with the technicalities, bouldering means climbing without a rope. Anna finds climbing a great combination of mental stimulation and physical activity that helps her forget her troubles. In the winter, a spot of whale watching at Albany is also a welcome distraction from a busy time.


Presenting Zoe, our Zen master

And let's not forget Zoe, our Customer Success Manager, who during the working week is focused on supporting our customers’ business growth through our efficient property management software. It’s a demanding role that Zoe relishes and she knows just how to find balance and restore her energy after hours.

When the weight of work begins to take its toll, Zoe heads straight to the gym, keen to release tension and refresh her mind. A vigorous workout not only benefits her physical health but also provides a much-needed mental escape. An active event like the 5km Foam Fest with its challenging obstacles of water slides, mucky mud pits, rope climbs, tyre hops and more also appeals, With 2.5 million cubic feet of foam and her gym buddies, Zoe finds this action packed fun run a great way to feel invigorated and ready to conquer new challenges.

But Zoe's relaxation repertoire doesn't stop there. She cherishes quality time with her family, including with her nephew. They embark on delightful outings, like visiting the Australia Zoo, where Zoe can reconnect with her inner child and embrace the joys of the wildlife. These moments of laughter and joy shared with loved ones provide a soothing balm for her soul.

Whether it's through floating, outdoor adventures, or a vigorous run through foam and obstacles, taking the time to unwind and engage in activities that bring us joy is essential for recharging our batteries and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

So with that in mind, what are you waiting for?