Kolmeo helps to streamline your workflow, automate daily tasks and communicate directly with your clients – all in the one place. We’re going to revolutionise property management and we want you along for the ride.

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Kolmeo – more than just a quirky name

Cost effective

It’s cost effective

Our platform is designed to save you time (and dollars) by onboarding and training new team members right on the app. Plus, there’s a fee free option for tenants to pay rent – talk about a levelling up!


It’s enjoyable

Kolmeo’s intuitive design injects the joy back into property management for everyone. Watch frowns turn upside down as your team falls in love with their work and productivity soars.


It’s futureproof

Kolmeo is built for the future. We're investing in AI, machine learning, payment rails and reporting dashboards, all built with the latest business intelligence tools. Why? Because you’re worth it.

On Kolmeo, property managers can...

Track requests

Track requests

For anything from maintenance to rent reviews and payments, Kolmeo keeps track of all your requests. No more complicated systems or outdated paperwork – just a neat, organised list on your phone or tablet (phew!).

Book inspections

Book inspections

Don’t clog up your inbox trying to arrange a time to inspect a property. Let Kolmeo sync with your calendar and book it in. Start a chat with your tenants, too, and hash it out in a flash.

Manage portfolios

Manage portfolios

Get a comprehensive overview of your properties and how they’re performing. Kolmeo centralises all the right intel so you can share it with your clients in a few clicks.

Agencies – take care of business

Manage users

Manage users

Set up new user accounts and permissions in a few simple steps. Once your property managers are onboard, you can set and track KPIs (and celebrate with the whole team when they’re achieved).

Reporting dashboards

Reporting dashboards

To grow your business, you need to know what’s working and which areas need TLC. Kolmeo’s smart reporting keeps tabs on campaigns, changes in your NPS and much more – all displayed beautifully, right in the palm of your hand.



Kolmeo is your workspace. It’s end-to-end functionality means less distractions and more focus. Everything you need is already integrated – from property marketing to document templates – so you can ditch the rest (we won’t tell, don’t worry).

A new lease on life with Kolmeo

A new way to work

Kolmeo is rethinking how things get done to reduce stress and save you time on those pesky to-dos.

Mobile-first design

Get your work done on the go (or on site) without having to rush back to the office. Track tasks and always know what’s next.


Kolmeo is designed to partner with the tech you already use (picture an API on steroids), freeing you up for what’s important (your clients).

Get cracking. Get Kolmeo.

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