Our philosophy

Put simply, Kolmeo means triangle – our platform is designed to create harmony and happiness between property managers, owners and tenants. How? By balancing the needs of all three sides and not taking ourselves (too) seriously in the process.

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We’re above board (in more ways than one)

Become a leader

Kolmeo is Australian owned and operated (right here in Melbourne)

All of your data and information is managed onshore so we can keep a hawk-eye on things. Our tech team is trained to identify any internal or external threats and protect your data against them.

Help is at hand

Rigorous third-party testing

In addition to our scheduled security testing cycle, we also partner with a specialist third-party provider to test our platform regularly. This extra layer of support helps us spot anything unusual happening on the platform and deal with it quickly.

Cost effective


Kolmeo’s payments provider meets Australia’s Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). So does Microsoft Azure’s public cloud offering, which delivers the multi-factor authentication and other strong security features that help to keep your Kolmeo app safe.


A fast and safer way to do rental payments

We’re excited to introduce digitised rental payments on Kolmeo. When a tenant pays rent on their app using direct debit or BPAY, no one can access that money like they can in a traditional trust account. Funds go directly from the tenant to the owner’s nominated bank account and are made available faster to property owners. And as we roll out further technology, we’ll create a whole new range of payment options for tenants.

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Our mission is to make it possible for people to LOVE renting, owning and managing property.

Kolmeo exists to...

Our philosophy 5

...engage property managers and make their work more fun.

By transforming their daily tasks using state-of-the-art tech, they’re free to focus on what’s most important: building relationships with their colleagues, owners and tenants.

Manage portfolios

...give property owners transparency over their portfolio.

By connecting owners to property managers and tenants in real-time, stress levels go down and happiness levels shoot through the roof!

Our Philosophy 6

...empower tenants to love where they’re living.

By making the process of renting fun and easy to do, tenants are more likely to renew leases and take ownership of a property as if it was their own (cue the inspirational music).

Our promises (pinky swear)

Love the customer (yes, even you)

Be bold, be brave & own it (the good, the bad and the ugly)

All transparency, no BS (straight up, no ‘fluff’)

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