Our philosophy

Put simply, Kolmeo means triangle – our platform is designed to create harmony and happiness between property managers, owners and tenants. How? By balancing the needs of all three sides and not taking ourselves (too) seriously in the process.

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From ‘uh-oh’ to ‘A-HA’ (what we’ve learnt so far)

Our philosophy 1

Property managers are burnt out.

On average, they spend around 11 months in the industry before exiting stage left (it’s a turnover we need to fix, STAT).

Our philosophy 2

Happy tenants = better ROI for owners.

The flow on effect from this is HUGE: we’ve found that when tenants are happy, they’re way more likely to report maintenance sooner and stick around longer.

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Property managers juggle endless competing priorities.

With so many tasks to complete across a number of disjointed processes, it’s no wonder they’re burnt out! It’s why we’ve built Kolmeo around a centralised requests system – no more flicking between tabs and spreadsheets, we’ve brought it all together in one place.

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Our mission is to make it possible for people to LOVE renting, owning and managing property.

Kolmeo exists to...

Our philosophy 5

...engage property managers and make their work more fun.

By transforming their daily tasks using state-of-the-art tech, they’re free to focus on what’s most important: building relationships with their colleagues, owners and tenants.

Manage portfolios

...give property owners transparency over their portfolio.

By connecting owners to property managers and tenants in real-time, stress levels go down and happiness levels shoot through the roof!

Our Philosophy 6

...empower tenants to love where they’re living.

By making the process of renting fun and easy to do, tenants are more likely to renew leases and take ownership of a property as if it was their own (cue the inspirational music).

Our promises to you

Love the customer (yes, even you)

Be bold, be brave & own it (the good, the bad and the ugly)

All transparency, no BS (straight up, no ‘fluff’)

Ready to get started?

Kolmeo is designed to make owning, renting and managing property fun and more productive.

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