Security and protection

We might come across as cheeky, but your safety and security when using Kolmeo is serious business. Kolmeo is designed to help you fall in love with property management and it’s our goal to make sure you feel confident every step of the way.


Your data security is no joke to us


When you’re paying rent on Kolmeo, your money is as safe as houses. Money flows securely from you directly to your property owner – it’s one of the processes we’re proud to do differently.


Kolmeo gives you access to more information about your property. Only you and your agent can see it. Plus, there’s no need for a separate trust account for rental payments anymore – it all happens through Kolmeo.


In the last 16 years, we’ve processed billions of dollars in payments for agencies around Australia. We know what works and what doesn’t. Kolmeo keeps everything secure, all in one place, making it easier to find and access what you need.

From ‘uh-oh’ to ‘A-HA’ (what we’ve learnt so far)

Our philosophy 1

Property managers are burnt out.

On average, they spend around 11 months in the industry before exiting stage left (it’s a turnover we need to fix, STAT).

Our philosophy 2

Happy tenants = better ROI for owners.

The flow on effect from this is HUGE: we’ve found that when tenants are happy, they’re way more likely to report maintenance sooner and stick around longer.

Property manager header

Property managers juggle endless competing priorities.

With so many tasks to complete across a number of disjointed processes, it’s no wonder they’re burnt out! It’s why we’ve built Kolmeo around a centralised requests system – no more flicking between tabs and spreadsheets, we’ve brought it all together in one place.

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Kolmeo is designed to make owning, renting and managing property fun and more productive.

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