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Kolmeo raises the bar for property management by overhauling workflow and communications, reducing double handling, and making it easy to work where and when it suits you (app FTW!).

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Kick overwhelm to the curb

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Less work, more fun!

Kolmeo is designed to be enjoyed, not just admired (though we do appreciate the attention). PSST––we’ve also hidden some productivity hacks in the app for you to find...

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Simplify everything

Your time is precious. Kolmeo is like your very own personal assistant; the AI learns how you work and adjusts things to suit your workflow. No more sifting through emails or forgetting to call people back – we’ll keep you on track and focussed.

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Complete inspections

When you’re managing hundreds of properties, coordinating inspections can get tricky. Kolmeo lets you book ‘em, show ‘em and finalise the reports while you’re still on site (all from your device). Plus, it’s all with the owner before you’re back in your car.

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Become a leader

Rise above all the noise and let Kolmeo boost your industry cred. Don’t get left behind – join thousands of your peers already carving a path to success on our property management platform.

No mo’ FOMO with Kolmeo


Can’t get back to the office today? No problemo! Get all your admin done in transit (not literally, of course). Create rental agreements, send invoices, and track and chase late payments, anywhere and everywhere.


Our property management platform makes it simple to market a property. Kolmeo integrates with the property portals you already use – like REA and Domain – making it easier to fire up a listing (or twelve).


Unread client emails stressing you out? Can’t find Joe's maintenance request? Chat directly with owners and tenants on the app to simplify your communications. You won’t miss a beat with Kolmeo.

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Help is at hand

Have a question about the ins and outs of Kolmeo? Chat to the team for tips and tricks, as well as detailed how-tos designed to step your through key platform tasks.

Chat to the team

YOLO – let’s get started!

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