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Coming 2020 — Kolmeo will give property managers, tenants, owners… everyone, a reason to love property management.

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Unlike other property management platforms (that just take care of the busywork), Kolmeo brings everything together, all in one place.

Agencies powered by Kolmeo will see improved margins, better growth, and stronger customer relationships.

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Using an advanced AI, the platform learns and understands how you work to ease your day-to-day stress in a more personalised way.

The result?

You’re free to enjoy richer human connections and finally love property management.

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Like the 3 sides of a triangle, Kolmeo balances the needs of all key users: agencies, owners and tenants.

It doesn’t work unless it
works for everyone.


Kolmeo is intuitive and seamless, meaning onboarding and training is fast and fun.

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A fully-featured mobile design gives property managers the freedom to work on the go.

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Kolmeo features customisable roles and permissions, ready to be tailored for every property management business model.

Join us in our mission to make it possible for people to love renting, owning or managing property.

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