Whether you’re a first-time investment property owner or growing your property portfolio, Kolmeo takes the mystery out of property management. Get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with your investment property in real-time.

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With Kolmeo, you can...

Owner overview

Properties dashboard

If you have multiple properties within your portfolio, you can see an overview of each property on your dashboard and access relevant information from here.

Reporting dashboards

Transactions view

Keep track of past payments for each of your investment properties from the transactions view where you can quickly review payment history, including dates, amounts, and other relevant transaction information.

Intuitive fun

Lease information

You can see an overview of the current lease including payment status, such as paid, part paid or overdue, across the lease period.


Property management details

Easily access current contact information for your property manager and agency, so you can promptly reach out to the right person whenever needed.

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Statements in one place

Kolmeo simplifies the process of accessing financial statements related to your investment properties. Your monthly and EOFY statements are now easily accessible to view or download whenever you need them.

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Access from anywhere

Kolmeo offers the flexibility of accessing your property management information from any device, eliminating the need to download a dedicated app.

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