Whether you’re a first home owner or growing your property portfolio, Kolmeo takes the mystery out of property management. We’re letting you past the velvet rope (pretty impressive, right?) and into our world of fun, organisation and transparency.

Owner overview

Kolmeo gives you...

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Kolmeo Connect, the owner’s app

That’s right – you get your very own Kolmeo app called Kolmeo Connect. Get your property in the palm of your hands, including insights on income and expenses, rental payments and easy access to your property manager’s contact details (bye bye to the business card you can never find!).

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A direct line to your property manager

Stay in the loop with the latest happenings at any property you own with a direct line of communication to your property manager. No more complicated reports – just pure, sweet, flowing information.

Intuitive fun

All of your property information, in one place

In the past, you might’ve waited by the letterbox for a monthly (or even, GASP, quarterly) report on your property from your property manager. With Kolmeo, you can dip into your property’s performance whenever you like (just tap open your Kolmeo Connect app).

Our philosophy 2C

Insights from the experts

We’ve been in the property management game for a long time and we love sharing our knowledge. Joining the Kolmeo family means you get access to a hivemind of information from some of Australia’s leading proptech and property management experts.

You’ll feel as safe as houses with Kolmeo

Australian owned

We’re a group of tech wizards and property management legends working out of Kolmeo HQ in Melbourne. All your data is managed here, onshore, and only you and your property manager can access it.


We take security and protection seriously. Our cloud software and payment gateway meets the appropriate Australian standards. We test everything securely and even partner with a third-party provider for an extra layer of security.

Secure rental payments

Digitised rental payments on Kolmeo change the game. Funds go directly from a tenants bank account into yours so there’s no need for a trust account. It’s a faster, more secure way to get access to your money.

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