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Kolmeo is for the dreamers, doers and the downright optimists. We’re for people, not positions and fancy titles. If you want to contribute to a next-generation product and work in one of the fastest-growing tech sectors in Australia, then welcome home.

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Kolmeo’s culture

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Be inspired by a creative and energetic environment

Our passionate, progressive team include property management buffs, detail-oriented engineers, and data and automation teams. We’re collaborators who value conversation and ideas – we’re not here to sit back and coast.

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Surround yourself with intelligent people

At our core, we’re good natured problem solvers who care deeply about how things turn out. If something goes wrong, we tackle it head on because that’s where the real magic and growth happens.

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Stop, collaborate and listen

You won’t find any silos here. Marketing partners with UX/UI engineers, product specialists lean on the data team, and we’re always creating new opportunities to learn from one another. We embody the mantra ‘if you want to go far, go together’.

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Perks? Yep, we got ‘em

Pour a martini and step into the virtual bar for drinks. Join the weekly lunch train or sign up to the fortnightly donut buddy program. Learn over lunch? Sure thing! Our brown bag lunches connect you to the crew. The cherry on top is access to the leadership team with regular Q&A sessions.

On top of the social paradise we’ve created, our team also enjoys flexible working days, Eurovision voting contests, bootcamps, mindfulness and yoga (ohm-my!).

Latest job listings

DevOps Engineer

Looking for a DevOps Engineer to work across the design, construction, support and automation of the projects development environments and tools, build and release tools, and the deployment & release pipelines.

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Software Engineer

As we keep building our capability up, we're also growing our team. That is why we're now looking for Software Engineers, from mid level to Senior level, with strong experience with .NET development.

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