All your documents, requests, payments and chats with your property manager in one place. We’re not kidding – Kolmeo gives you complete transparency on your rental (as it should be).

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With Kolmeo, you can…

Tick off ‘to dos’

Pay your rent, update your contact details and even add your partner to your lease (with their consent, of course). Take the stress out of renting so you can get back to nesting – dinner party, anyone?

Log requests & track progress

Kitchen tap on the fritz? No problemo. Log a request in Kolmeo to get it fixed and watch the magic unfold. As your request moves down the line, you can track its progress from the app.

Send messages

Don’t waste time crafting the perfect email to your agent, just shoot them a message in Kolmeo. It will land on their phone or tablet like a text, making it faster and easier for communication to flow.

Kolmeo makes ‘adulting’ fun

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Moving house

Need to transfer your lease? Easy peasey. On Kolmeo you can complete all the paperwork you need to switch your rental property over to the new tenants.


Making payments

Paying rent used to be a chore, but not with Kolmeo. No need to memorise long BPAY numbers, just add your details to the app to set up regular payments.

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Offer feedback

Things not going as well as you’d like? Let your agency know how you’re feeling and what needs to change by messaging them directly. It’s your home, after all.

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