EOFY and beyond

As the end of the financial year (EOFY) approaches, don’t forget the Kolmeo features available to help you support your property owners as they review their property investments for year-end planning and the upcoming year.

Comprehensive support

Kolmeo provides you with the tools and resources to support owners, not only at the EOFY but all year round.

Financial reporting and statements

Shortly after the end of the financial year, your owners will receive their EOFY statements. These statements provide comprehensive details of monthly and annual income, expenditure, and net amounts, along with totals for the previous financial year.

Owners with access to Kolmeo can view and download their monthly and EOFY statements at their convenience. These documents are also saved in the ownership section of Kolmeo, allowing you to download and email them if needed.

Year-round management features

This is an excellent time of the year to consider how you can further assist your owners. Take this opportunity to remind them of the maintenance that has occurred over the year and discuss maintenance priorities for the next 6-12 months. Highlight the status of their compliance obligations, and for those with access to Kolmeo, remind them of the benefits of 24/7 access to the platform.

Property compliance: Ensuring that a property is compliant and legally able to be leased is incredibly important for owners. Managing compliance standards, ongoing monitoring, reminders, and inspections is complex, with significant risks if lapses occur.

Automated compliance reminders and configurable functionality cater to various state and territory requirements, helping owners meet their compliance obligations and reduce risk.

Property maintenance: Managing property maintenance can be challenging, with unexpected breakdowns and financial pressures impacting tenants, owners, and property managers.

Kolmeo’s maintenance solution supporting tenant generated maintenance requests and on platform management of quotes, work orders, and invoices without moving between systems is set to ensure maintenance of owners’ properties is managed effectively and efficiently. For non-urgent maintenance requirements, consult with the owner to determine the best timing for the work.

Owner self-service: Kolmeo enhances the owner experience by providing online access to property information, simplifying tasks, and improving transparency. This self-service capability frees up your time for more impactful tasks. Owners with properties managed by multiple agencies on Kolmeo can see all their properties with a single login.

Direct digital payments: Our end-to-end digital payments management eliminates manual trust accounting tasks, simplifying and speeding up processing.

Lease and rental agreement review: Regularly review existing lease agreements and rental terms. Address any upcoming lease renewals or adjustments needed for the next financial year.

Kolmeo provides you with the solutions and resources necessary for a seamless EOFY process and effective year-round property management.