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Adapting to stay ahead

Now more than ever, there is change a plenty in business and technology.

And in the dynamic landscape of real estate and property management, change is not a choice, but a necessity. Survival and success hinge on adapting to industry shifts, customer preferences, and technological advances.

At Kolmeo we know that change management is crucial to stay ahead. There’re heaps of resources out there to help manage change, but here’s a few we liked the look of (with no strings attached)

A longer read: Leading Change by Dr John Kotter

A clear, practical, and visionary guide to lead in times of change. An eight-stage process with useful examples to illustrate how to implement change.

To listen: The Change Management podcast

This episode on digital transformation and data-driven decisions provides insights about using data to our advantage, to improve business processes, culture, and customer experience and to advance our businesses.

A shorter read: McKinsey & Company Blog

The article, “The science behind transformations: Sustaining value after implementation”, covers how important it is to sustain substantial changes to BAU structures, processes and systems in order to preserve the long-term value of business transformation.

To study: Change Management – Embrace Evolve Thrive

A two-day course offered by the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) exploring successful approaches to managing constant change. Learn, prepare and implement change with the mindset, knowledge and tools to lead your organisation in a time of change.