Time for a business health-check?

All businesses can benefit from a health check (or review of key metrics and processes). As the new year approaches, kickstarting your strategy by revisiting your goals and objectives is valuable. Whether centred around growth, liquidity or control, your goals should align with your business's current stage and direction.

Evaluating the market landscape

Is it time to reassess the market landscape? Do you understand the strengths and weaknesses of local competitors. How are you countering their strengths or leveraging your own?

Consider how you position your business. Can you build stronger relationships with customers, suppliers, industry experts, and thought leaders? Explore potential events to participate in or sponsor throughout the upcoming year.

In this era of online reviews and feedback, the satisfaction of property owners and tenants is paramount. Obtaining customer feedback and taking action based on insights is essential. Kolmeo recently launched its latest integration with CustomerGauge unlocking Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement and reporting capabilities for our customers, enabling them to proactively address concerns and deliver experiences that foster loyalty.


Financial health evaluation

Conducting a thorough financial health check is crucial for any business. Evaluate if your spending aligns with your revenue streams and identify areas where you might be overspending, such as excessive licensing fees. Analyse business trends and metrics, including the number of properties managed and property value while also keeping an eye on vacancy rates and cyclical variations.

Businesses can be sized and structured in a variety of ways and be impacted by a range geographic and demographic factors. This can make it hard to compare one business to another. However, the most important factor is understanding the unique economics of your business.

Which properties cost you money to manage, how much is it to acquire new business, and what helps make you a profit? Review your growth rate and attrition rate. This knowledge will help improve profitability, or if growing, to better understand when you’ll become profitable.

Armed with a solid understanding of the important numbers, you can look at where you could make some adjustments whether that be in operations, technology or team structure.

Analyse your business model and operations

Could your business model evolve in 2024? Agencies are running multiple brands on Kolmeo and exploring property management as a service. Kolmeo offers a flexible and sophisticated solution.

Business Model Flexibility

Evaluating your team

Are you nurturing your team’s potential? A dynamic workplace culture thrives on empowered and valued individuals. Prioritise your team's mental well-being, creating a supportive environment that acknowledges their value. Investing in mental health not only benefits individuals but also bolsters a resilient, productive workforce.

Encourage engagement, cooperation, and transparency among team members. Foster open dialogue, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. Evaluate turnover, morale, and productivity to understand your workforce's health. Identify growth opportunities and address skill gaps through tailored training for role excellence.

Live by your company's values, embedding them into daily operations. Honour commitments made to your team, as their dedication and loyalty underpin your organisation's success. Your team's resilience and commitment can help you turn ideas into enduring success stories.

Undertaking a thorough business health-check, spanning market evaluation, financial assessment, operational analysis, team empowerment and alignment with your core values provides a solid foundation that will set your business up for growth and enduring success in the year ahead.