Business Model Flexibility

Flexibility for all business models

In today's dynamic business landscape, catering to diverse and evolving business models has become crucial for success. One-size-fits-all solutions are no longer sufficient, especially in the realm of property management.

Recognising this need, Kolmeo has emerged as a game-changer, offering a tailored approach to data access management and branding. With the ability to accommodate various business structures and requirements, Kolmeo stands out as a flexible and sophisticated solution.

Supporting varied business models

Kolmeo prides itself on being more than a generic software solution. Instead, it is designed to adapt to different business models including franchise or non franchise businesses, agencies offering property management as a service to other businesses, joint ventures, or more traditional property management businesses.

So, if you’re a franchisor with a team working across more than one office, or you’ve purchased a new rent roll with established branding that you want to keep; or any other model, Kolmeo is the software for you.

In a market where no two property management businesses are alike, Kolmeo ensures that its platform is a true enabler. Our platform adapts to your specific needs, making Kolmeo a true partner in success.

Fine-tuned data access management

One of the standout features of Kolmeo is its granular data access management capabilities.

Recognising that businesses can operate in complex hierarchies, Kolmeo offers a multi-layered approach to data visibility control. This is particularly beneficial for parent companies overseeing various smaller property management businesses.

With Kolmeo, the parent company can access comprehensive data across all smaller businesses while ensuring that each smaller business is shielded from accessing the data of its peers.

Data level access configuration

Customers are empowered to set the level at which they want to restrict data visibility. The configuration options include:

  • Company Level: Users can access data for the entire company, even if they’re assigned to a specific office within the company. This default configuration offers a broad perspective.
  • Agency Level: Users can access data for any office within an agency, provided they’re assigned to at least one office within that agency.
  • Office Level: Users are restricted to accessing data only for offices to which they have been assigned. This configuration provides the highest level of data segregation.

It's important to note that these configuration levels are distinct from Kolmeo's roles and permissions feature, which controls user functionality and access, and is another feature highly valued by our customers.

Business brand ID customisation

Kolmeo goes a step further by allowing businesses to also tailor their branding at various levels. The Business Brand ID feature supports different brand details to be set at different levels, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Regardless of the configuration level (company, agency, or office), Kolmeo provides you with the ability to set different brand details at each level. This means you can pursue a multi-brand approach within the one business. Very useful when you acquire a new rent roll or two.

The sky’s your limit with Kolmeo

The future of property management software lies in customisation and adaptability and Kolmeo's commitment to flexibility provides you with a unique opportunity to grow and manage your business.

If you’d like to speak to us about our flexible business model tools please reach out.