Kolmeo customer service is different

The customer experience team at Kolmeo combines human expertise with innovative technology to deliver great service

Value of human support with strategic automation

When you reach out via our intercom live chat, you’ll start with an automated chat with Betty Bot. Betty Bot helps us get to you quickly, triage your enquiry and connect you to the right expert in our team. She’ll hand you over to one of our human team members for personalised assistance.

While other companies may rely solely on bots for generic queries, we believe in the value of human support. Our dedicated customer team is equipped to understand and address your queries efficiently.

Our customer team can help with any day-to-day enquiries and guide you to resources in our Kolmeo Help Centre. They'll also troubleshoot and help raise support tickets if something isn't working as expected.

Improvements driven by feedback and data

Your feedback is instrumental in shaping our continuous improvement efforts, and we're dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience at every touchpoint.

In addition to managing these enquiries, our customer team plays a crucial role in providing feedback to our product development team. By connecting our customer team with our product development team, we can quickly distinguish between system or user related issues, and efficiently resolve issue and improve in ways that best meet our customers’ needs.

By tracking metrics such as the number, types and complexity of queries, we can pinpoint problem areas and delve into the root causes. This data helps us implement targeted training or product enhancements to address these issues promptly. Analysing the number of interactions required to resolve an issue enables us to explore avenues for faster resolutions, driving ongoing training and improvement within our team to better serve you.

Customer service

Team member spotlight - meet Peti

Peti is one of our valued customer experience consultants. Over the last 15 years, Peti has worked with Little Real Estate, and Agentplus before becoming one of the original team members at Kolmeo. Describing herself as “one of the faces behind our live chat support team”, one of the things Peti enjoys most about her role is when she can quickly resolve a customer’s query and make their day a little bit easier. Peti treats each query with a sense of urgency and understands that constant updates along the way to resolution are important for our customers.

When thinking about the skills needed to provide excellent customer service, Peti says

The main skill is empathy, understanding the stresses our customers work with every day. Problem solving and good communication skills are important to clarify an issue and to ensure I understand what the customer needs.

— Peti Vovos. Customer experience consultant, Kolmeo

Having been with Kolmeo since day one, Peti “loves seeing how the system is evolving and getting better and better”. As one of our customers recently said “Peti is amazing, so quick, very polite and always spot on.”

Thank you Peti, for your invaluable contributions to our customers and to Kolmeo.