Say hello to Matthew Tucker, Head of Sales

Matthew Tucker, Head of Sales at Kolmeo, has a diverse background with over 25 years of property management and real estate experience, having worked for several of Melbourne’s best-known real estate agencies. He’s married to the amazing Nat and a proud father of three children, and he loves playing and watching sports, including football, tennis and cycling.

What do you do at Kolmeo?

As Head of Sales, Matthew’s role consists of managing Kolmeo’s sales strategy and leading the sales function. He and his team are responsible for promoting all the great features and benefits of Kolmeo, running demos to explain how the product works in detail and developing relationships with future Kolmeo customers.

What made you pursue a career in property management?

At the beginning of Matthew’s career, he had the opportunity to explore and travel to different areas around the world, including Paraguay, one of the most memorable locations that initially started his career journey. Matthew found that he wanted a role where he could stay active and not be confined to sitting behind a desk 24/7.

Early on in his real estate career, he was fortunate to be surrounded by people who supported his ambition for a property management career. He started his journey at Woodards Real Estate before spending three years exploring the world upon return he worked with Kay & Burton as a property manager, then moved on to sales and property management roles at Hockingstuart and Jellis Craig. He then held a number of property management leadership roles at Little Real Estate before moving into property management software with Kolmeo.

What do you love about working at Kolmeo?

With his many years in property management, Matthew has seen firsthand how important the role of the property manager is when it comes to delivering a great experience for both the tenant and property owner. The property manager is at the core of the renting experience, and Matthew loves supporting them with great software to perform this core work, along with helping owners and tenants loving the experience of owning and renting homes.

Matthew believes that balancing the needs between tenants, owners and property managers, and challenging the status quo in the property management industry will bring change to the way people live and work.

Matthew also loves working with all the talented property management enthusiasts and tech experts working together to balance all three sides of the Kolmeo triangle – tenant, owner and property manager.

Where do you find inspiration?

Aside from his love and passion for sports, Matthew finds inspiration through all of life’s challenges along his journey to drive a positive mindset and meaningfulness. Matthew likes to find ways to think positive and wants a healthy dose of risk-taking. He’s a glass-half-full kind of guy and always keeps the door open to new opportunities.