Boost your reputation

In the highly competitive property management market, maintaining a strong business reputation is essential for success. A good reputation fosters trust among property owners, tenants, suppliers, and the wider community. This trust helps attract and retain customers and staff, differentiate your business and ultimately drive growth and profitability.

It’s never a bad time to reflect on your reputation and ask yourself what you could do to improve it. Here are six opportunities worth considering.

6 stand out reputation management opportunities

  1. Seek customer feedback: Do you really know what your reputation is? By regularly requesting feedback and reviews from clients you can understand their experiences and your areas for improvement. Gather client feedback, including through NPS surveying, and market research, take the time to understand it and use the insights to prioritise the most important and impactful, reputation enhancing improvements.
  2. Owner and tenant experience: Every interaction that owners and tenants have with your agency matters. Does your team have the information they need at their fingertips? Are you keeping track who needs more training, who’s overwhelmed? Self-service experiences can help improve availability of information and reduce the pressure on your team. Providing owners and tenants with self-service 24/7 online access to their property and tenancy information is a great way to be responsive to owner and tenant needs and help your team focus on the stuff that matters.
  3. Compliance management: Ensuring rental properties are safe and suitable for tenants is critical. Effectively navigating a complex regulatory environment presents an opportunity for agencies to enhance their reputation and offer real value to rental providers. Your system needs to make it possible for you to easily understand the compliance status of every property in your portfolio and help you manage all the suppliers involved in this space. Kolmeo’s compliance solution is specifically designed to meet this need. It’s configurable for all Australian compliance types, captures compliance information and provides automated reminders to meet state and territory regulations.
  4. Property maintenance management: Maintenance is a huge part of your team’s work. Managing everyone’s expectations is a juggle but getting it right has a huge impact. Facilitating online maintenance requests for tenants can improve the maintenance management process for property managers.
  5. Manage your online reviews: Request feedback from satisfied clients and showcase positive reviews. Use automated review requests after successful interactions and engage with both positive and negative feedback to show you value input. Support and train your team in customer service and issue resolution to enhance customer experiences. Be transparent in your interactions and address complaints quickly and efficiently. Offering value-added services, such as online maintenance requests for tenants and 24/7 access to tenancy and property details, can also encourage positive online reviews.
  6. Leverage your technology: Technology can be a reputation enhancer or undoer. Properly implemented and supported, advanced property management software can streamline operations, enhance communication, improve overall efficiency, and enhance the owner and tenant experience by providing online access to property information. Does your team know how to get the most out of your technology? Making sure you and your team are getting value out of your most expensive tools can have huge impacts on productivity, customer experience and ultimately reputation.

A great reputation generates business for you and helps you keep the customers you have. Understanding your current reputation is your first step in building one of your most valuable assets.