Making maintenance easy

Managing maintenance work is possibly the hardest part of day-to-day property management. With so many people involved, it can be a chance to shine or a huge point of pain for everyone. It makes up a big part of the work managed on the Kolmeo platform and we are focused on making it easier and more efficient.

Volume and complexity

In just the month of February, property managers on Kolmeo handled more than 3,000 maintenance requests. Over the span of four years, the system has processed over 100,000 requests, including almost 20,000 plumbing and 8,000 appliance jobs. That’s a lot of tenants without hot water, toilets that don’t flush, dripping taps and broken pipes.

Functionality is key

Recognising the pivotal role of a smooth-running, stress-free maintenance process, Kolmeo is doubling down on efforts to enhance functionality in this area. Drawing insights from customer feedback, Kolmeo is making maintenance more streamlined, transparent and predictable.

Property managers, tenants, owners and suppliers tell us that capturing detailed information upfront, seamlessly linking work orders to requests, and editable work orders that can be sent directly to suppliers is essential. Enhancements in reporting, encompassing work order status updates and comprehensive supplier job overviews, as well as work order cancellation and completion functionality are also needed for real efficiency.

Despite the inherent complexity associated with managing work orders, such as coordinating multiple work orders at a property simultaneously or handling multiple orders for a single job, Kolmeo is committed to providing property managers with the necessary tools and insights to navigate these challenges effectively.

For suppliers, Kolmeo’s work orders are being redesigned to capture the details that matter from the outset. This will not only enable suppliers to adequately prepare for tasks but will also foster smoother collaboration throughout the process.

Future focused maintenance transformation

Looking ahead, Kolmeo is committed to making maintenance work for everyone involved. Easier logging of issues, better tracking, reliable quote management and invoice matching, powerful reporting and data driven insights all via a single integrated property management platform.