Holiday preparation essentials

With a potential long weekend on the horizon for those planning to take the Friday off after ANZAC Day, here’s a refresher of how Kolmeo can help make leave periods easier for property managers, owners, and tenants.

It's a common scenario: you put in extra hours before your time off, only to feel overwhelmed catching up on tasks when you return, erasing any relaxation gained during your break. But it doesn't have to be this way.

The secret lies in thorough planning and setting clear expectations, and Kolmeo offers the perfect tools to make this possible.

Delegating tasks

Some tasks may need attention while you’re away, and here Kolmeo comes to the rescue. With our request-based system, you can delegate individual tasks or bulk assign multiple requests to your colleagues.

Kolmeo gives you the ability to filter your requests to select those you want to assign to others while on holiday. These tasks will then appear in your colleagues’ request lists, giving them everything they need to monitor and manage your properties while you're away. Need a quick refresher on how to do this? Check out the Kolmeo Help Centre.

Pre-planning and communication

Let your tenants know about your upcoming leave and provide them with alternate contact details for anything urgent that pops up while you’re away. Make sure your nominated contact is readily available and empowered to make decisions on your behalf if necessary. Set up an automated email response or voicemail message with details on who to contact in case of emergencies.

Property inspections

Review your upcoming inspections. If you’ll only be away briefly, schedule inspections around your leave. For longer breaks, delegate these tasks through Kolmeo, granting your colleagues access to essential details for inspections they’ll undertake on your behalf. (Familiarity with the property and tenants can be advantageous during routine inspections).

Payments reminder

Public holidays can sometimes slow down payment processing. Remind your owners, suppliers, and tenants of this to manage their expectations and avoid arrears. Consider adding a reminder to your nightly out-of-office message or your email signature.


Take the time to disconnect and recharge during your break. Some upfront set-up in Kolmeo will help your team handle day-to-day operations and allow you to enjoy your time off.