Data speaks volumes

Property managers are amazing. When you dive into the data, it’s clear they handle a multitude of responsibilities, managing properties, tenancies, contacts, and rental workflows.

We’ve looked at the data across Kolmeo to get an insight into the volume of contacts an average property manager is interacting with.

In just the last month alone they’ve handled an average of 95 owners, 242 tenants and 48 suppliers. That’s quite a juggle! And these are the averages – we know some PMs are really going above and beyond.

This is also on top of the thousands of tasks they need to complete to effectively manage the property on behalf of their agency and the property owner while also looking after the needs of tenants.

Back in February, we passed a major milestone with more than $1 billion in payments having been facilitated through Kolmeo.

That figure includes rental payments and hundreds of thousands of invoices. At last count 943,223 invoices had been managed through Kolmeo by your incredible team. That’s a lot of invoices to verify and approve, and again demonstrates the volume of tasks an average property manager needs to deal with on a daily basis.

We wanted to share these figures with you to give you a glimpse of the scale we are supporting on Kolmeo. In the future, we’d love to share more data insights as well as demonstrate how Kolmeo enhances efficiency for our customers by streamlining and automating tasks for property managers.