Delving into workflows and efficiency

Optimising operational workflows to enhance efficiency

Ever wondered about the distinction between a workflow and a process?

Kolmeo’s Executive Manager of Industry and Partnerships Brock Fisher joins Kylie Walker on episode #93 of “The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum” to discuss this topic and more.

Efficiency unleashed

In this enlightening episode, Brock and Kylie delve into the intricate world of workflows and property management software

Tune in as Brock shares game-changing tactics to enhance efficiency in your business and client interactions, ultimately saving valuable time.

Decades of insight: Brock’s expertise

With a journey spanning more than two decades in property management, Brock has the experience and perspective to appreciate the intricacies of industry, and his expertise has helped Kolmeo to stand out from other software and platforms in the industry.

Powerful leadership and practical tips

On the podcast Brock and Kylie discuss personal development tools Brock has found impactful for individual growth, business success, and team development. You can also reflect on the power of recognising and praising team achievements, a more potent leadership approach often overlooked in management roles.

As well as providing practical tips on getting started in property management and seamlessly implementing workflows into your business model, Brock and Kylie share insights into workflows and processes. They also discuss trigger points, key contacts, customer experiences, lease renewals and tenant workflows.

Take a dive into the podcast, available on multiple channels.

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