Proptech mastery in 2024

Real Estate Business recently unveiled the REB Tech Guide 2024, offering insights and tips from top proptech leaders to expertly navigate the complexities of the Australian real estate landscape.

Acknowledging the overwhelming volume of information within the real estate domain, REB's guide serves as an invaluable compass, offering professionals insights that can shape their strategies for the forthcoming year.

Make life easier and businesses more profitable; create new opportunities to differentiate; provide flexibility; provide data and insights.

— Scott Bateman. CEO, Kolmeo

Tailored for both residential and commercial real estate practitioners, the guide covers sales, property management, and business operations. It delves into critical skills for manoeuvring uncertainties and spotlights opportunities in areas such as agent comparison, commercial property management, data and AI utilisation, property compliance, residential property management, and vendor-paid advertising.

I am having lots of discussions about the cost, complexity, user, data and customer challenges of running a property management tech stack. I’m finding there is a real appetite for tech stack simplification.

— Brock Fisher, Executive Manager, Industry and Partnerships, Kolmeo

Elevate your expertise at the intersection of innovation and real estate with this must-have guide.