Navigating EOFY with Kolmeo

As the end of financial year (EOFY) approaches, we know it’s a busy time for you and your team. Your owners may have various questions and requirements as they review their property investments for their end of financial year planning.

We’re committed to supporting you by providing the solutions and resources necessary to ensure a smooth process throughout the year, particularly during EOFY.

Streamlining payments

As you know Kolmeo primarily uses direct digital payments with trust account facilitated payments by exception.

We firmly believe that this payments approach represents the future of property management. However, we also recognise that change can be challenging for owners that are used to trust-based solutions.

That’s why our hybrid approach offers flexibility, allowing owners to transition at their own pace while embracing the benefits of direct digital payments.

Tailored information sources

We understand that owners have different levels of financial understanding, and that each owner is unique. In order to meet the needs of owners, we provide a range of financial information sources throughout the year. Our Owner Payment Advice (OPA), detailed monthly statements, and EOFY statements offer comprehensive and easily accessible information.

Over the last 12 months we’ve made significant improvements to our monthly statements and OPA documentation, providing enhanced layouts and additional details to improve the experience for your owners and reduce their enquiries to your team.

The path ahead

As we move forward, Kolmeo remains committed to innovation and staying ahead of the curve. We’re constantly exploring new technologies and striving to make property management processes easier for both you and your customers.

We appreciate what a busy time EOFY can be. Please reach out to Kolmeo if you need help to make end of year run smoothly.