Elite Retreat 2023 insights

Insights on adapting to constant change, building a business people adore, and optimising personal growth.

Elite Retreat 2023, July 3-6, was an incredible event that brought together some of the brightest minds in the real estate industry at Bali's Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua. The conference provided valuable insights from experts who shared their knowledge on how to thrive in an ever-changing world. From discussions on adaptability quotient to building a business that people adore, those in attendance left the conference with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration.

Adaptability Quotient = AQ

First up were Tane Hunter and Rhea Mercado from Future Crunch, a group of scientists, artists, researchers, and entrepreneurs who believe that science and technology are creating a more peaceful, connected, and abundant world. They spoke about the importance of the adaptability quotient (AQ) and how it's the key to thriving in today's world of constant change. They highlighted examples of adaptability and showcased how people can improve their AQ by having a February 29 mindset and working with people who know less about a subject they're exploring.

7 steps to cult status

Tim Duggan, a new media entrepreneur and author, discussed how to build a business that people adore. He identified seven steps to achieving cult status: thinking impact first, questioning all the small things, refining your superpower, defining your altar, dropping the BS, leading from the middle, and strapping yourself in. He encouraged taking time away from everyday life and responsibilities to think deeply about what you’re doing, why and how.


AI in real estate

Jeff Turner spoke about how AI will shape the real estate industry and why you need to look beyond the "how" of technology to get to the "why" that unleashes the true power. He discussed his experiences as an entrepreneur in residence for Second Century Ventures and as an advisor to capital fund Venture MLS, and virtual home staging and inspections entities StylDOD and Pillar to Post respectively.

Day two presentations officially kicked off with Mark Carter speaking about the Five Elements of Value and how to define value for customers. John Foong interviewed Jeff Turner again on whether AI will cross the chasm between being used by early adopters versus the broader majority of the market, as well as discussing AI's potential to transform the real estate industry and its broader societal implications.

Kolmeo’s CEO Scott Bateman then led the iconic Elite Retreat Kolmeo case study session looking at how to run a zero-cost real estate business in the age of AI. This allowed attendees to apply their learnings across the two days to really analyse different viewpoints and note action items that could be taken back to their own business.

Elite Retreat 2023 was a conference that provided valuable insights and tips for adapting to constant change, building a successful business, and optimising personal and professional growth. The conference was filled with experts who shared their knowledge and experiences, leaving everyone feeling inspired and motivated to continue their journey towards success.

Elite Retreat to-do list

  • Reflect on Steve Carroll's message and prioritise human connectivity
  • Learn about Amara's Law and Moravec's Paradox to improve AQ
  • Adopt a February 29 mindset to improve AQ
  • Look for people who know less about a subject to explore fresh perspectives
  • Think impact first and create an impact statement
  • Question all the small things and focus on the unexpected moments
  • Refine your superpower by making mistakes and learning
  • Define your alter and think about unique language and rituals
  • Drop the BS and focus on authenticity
  • Lead from the middle and have a clear vision
  • Identify where your business or project is on the Sigmoid curve aka the S curve
  • Take care of personal rituals and optimise gut health and sleep
  • Consider the "why" behind technology to unleash its true power
  • Learn about the Five Elements of Value with Mark Carter
  • Register for Elite Retreat 24 in Hamilton Island