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Take the stress out of finding that next job by plugging into the Kolmeo marketplace. Built for tenants, owners and property managers to access a wide variety of service providers, join Kolmeo Network and connect to thousands of potential new customers.

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Make life easier with Kolmeo Network

No bidding

On Kolmeo, you don’t have to bid for work. Owners and tenants can contact you directly and start up a conversation. Then, you’re in control of the price you want to charge. BONUS: if you don’t get the work, you don’t pay a cent.

Heaps of work

The Kolmeo marketplace is massive. With thousands of properties in need of your expertise, all you need to do is join up to get the ball rolling.

Everyone under one roof!

Meet tenants, owners and property managers who need your help with everything from maintenance to utility connections, valuations to property cleaning, and much, much more.

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Immediate access to jobs

Rental properties need maintenance – can you help? Whether it’s gardening, plumbing, plastering or simply a dog walker, Kolmeo gives you a platform to find your next job.

Simplify everything

Dominate your workflow

You won’t miss a job or enquiry with Kolmeo. The Kolmeo Network app keeps all your requests from quote to completion all in one place with updates on the go.


Real-time communications

Use the Kolmeo Network app to chat directly with tenants, owners and property managers who need your help (better than email, faster than phone tag).


Fully integrated payment system

When someone books you via Kolmeo, they can pay at the same time. The best part? You can run your business on Kolmeo Network, creating invoices, completing jobs and running reports.

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