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For the next generation of property owners (like you), Kolmeo Connect offers complete transparency in just a few clicks. Get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with your investment property and contact your property manager on the go.

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With Kolmeo Connect, you can…

Reporting dashboards

See property performance

View reports on how your property is tracking in the market (no need to bug your property manager). Kolmeo Connect gives you an overview of your pride and joy right on your app.


Communicate with property managers

Don’t go foraging in your bag or desk drawer for that rogue business card – you can easily find your property manager’s contact details on Kolmeo Connect. Call or email them directly via the app (piece of cake).

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View important property info

On Kolmeo Connect, you can check out the key information for each property you own, like the rent amount and frequency. Plus, view current tenancy details (we’re talking start and end dates here, no names and nothing suspicious!).

Intuitive fun

Track that money

We promised complete transparency and we’ve delivered it. Track when rent has been paid, any expenses and even income for the calendar month. Now, that’s powerful!

Become a leader

Get your agency to join Kolmeo

To use Kolmeo Connect app, your real estate agency needs to have signed up to Kolmeo property management software. If your real estate agency hasn’t switched to Kolmeo yet, drop us a line so we can get their team on board and give you access to Kolmeo Connect.

Let's get your agency on Kolmeo

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