Rhys Standley from Just Property Management

Scott and Brock talk with Rhys Standley, Managing Director of Just Property Management. In this episode Rhys covers his journey to becoming a property management specialist, why structure is at the heart of a successful business, priorities and culture, his experience of offshoring, and finally, why property management is truly important work.

Rhys answers the following questions:

  • Tell us about the history of your business, and the journey to establishing a property management specific brand.
  • What was the pathway to becoming a property management specialist?
  • How hard was it to change the culture of your business to one which celebrated property management and change?
  • Did you have a goal to grow to this size or did this growth happen as a consequence of what you were doing well?
  • What is your department structure?
  • With a business of over 1,000 properties you can structure and staff differently, what advice would you give a business with say, 200 properties to achieve the same outcome?
  • You've achieved what so many people set out to, but never quite get there - and that is building a business that actually functions without you being in it, what’s played a part in that?
  • When you saw offshoring begin to gather momentum in real estate, you made the bold move to jump in and start your own company offshore. That's a big one, tell us about that.
  • Given all the advances in technology, if you had to start again today do you think you’d look to outsource again? Or to automate?
  • Social responsibility, community engagement, and charitable endeavours feature prominently in your work, tell us about your experience and the impacts for your business and more widely that you’ve seen from that work.
  • What’s your advice for your younger self starting out?



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