Hayley Mitchell from Mitchell PT, Geelong Property Managers and Reside Real Estate

Scott and Brock talk to Hayley Mitchell, Director at Mitchell PT, Geelong Property Managers and Reside Real Estate, as well as one of the cofounders of Australian Property Manager Community (APMC) on Facebook.

They talk all things APMC, industry training and her journey across real estate over the last 20 years.

Hayley answers the following questions:

  • How did you come to start APMC on Facebook?
  • How do you walk the fine line of being helpful vs being a probono coach?
  • What causes people to come to the forum rather than going to the people they work with?
  • Are there common themes in the questions?
  • How do you see the training and events evolving over the next period?
  • Do you have a broad curriculum of things you train on or do you have material for ad hoc requests?
  • Are you pushing the industry forward or is the industry pushing your training forward?
  • How did you go into starting your new business Geelong Property Managers?
  • What’s the right approach to rent roll growth?
  • What’s your approach to organic growth?
  • What’s on the horizon for technology in property management?
  • Is technology friend or foe?
  • What’s your view on structuring a property management team?
  • What’s your advice for your younger self starting out?

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